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Finally some order!

August 12, 2007 11:31 pm

Over the years a lot of pictures have been building up. Until now, they where all bits and scraps on different locations. I registered this new domain to gather everything in one place. With some prima sofware I got some order in all the mess. A new picture gallery have been set up at

I need some help doing the captions and descriptions. If you have some spare time and are familiar with picture galleries, let me know so I can add your username.

I also welcome others to write to this blog. Click on “Register” to add yourself. After you register, log in and change the password to something you can remember. I need to activate the account before you can actually write something.

Feel free to abuse this place with all your horrible pictures and texts. Its no limit on space and bandwidth. I can also set up your own email with no restriction on space, smtp or whatever.